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Nexus® is the Global Leader in Surfacing Veils....

Precision Fabrics invented synthetic surfacing veils to solve corrosion and UV issues commonly associated with traditional veils. Nexus® provides superior performance, appearance, and corrosion resistance. It is the only synthetic surfacing veil with over 30 years of real-world case histories of successful performance in highly corrosive-resistant environments. As a result of proven performance, engineering firms and resin manufacturers exclusively specify Nexus® in some of the toughest corrosive environments. Today the Nexus® team holds active patents surrounding the use and processing of colored and conductive veils into FRP.

Nexus® gives twice the fiber coverage of conventional glass veil at equivalent weights. Yet its soft pliability conforms easily to ribbed areas, irregular shapes, and compound curves. Nexus® is the veil of choice for pultruders and filament winders due to its excellent resistance to fading, impact, and corrosion.

NEXUS 111-00010 – 37 gm2 aperture Surfacing Veil

Recommended for pultrusion and filament winding processes to improve appearance, corrosion resistance, impact properties, and dye wear.

NEXUS 115-00005 – 60 gm2 non-aperture Surfacing Veil

Recommended for pultrusion and hand lay up to provide excellent cosmetic appearance and corrosion resistance. A very high quality FRP surface.

NEXUS 375-00696 – 72 gm2 non-aperture Orange Pigmented Surfacing Veil

Recommended for pultrusion to provide excellent cosmetic appearance and UV fade resistance. Pultruders can reduce pigment loading and produce better fade resistant parts.

CONDUCTIVE NEXUS 451-A0010 – 62 gm2 aperture Conductive Surfacing Veil

Recommended for filament winding and pultrusion to provide high level of static dissipation properties. A much lower cost and processing friendly solution vs. carbon veils. CONTACT US
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