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Who knew you could find relief
with your eyes closed?

Surprisingly, one of the most effective ways to treat irritating
skin conditions or allergies isn’t a cream, ointment or pill.
Rather, it comes in the form of Therapeutic Bedding — an
innovative family of bedding products that offers lasting
relief to those who suffer from a myriad of conditions.
The secret to this effective form of treatment is the
result of multiple preventative features that have
been designed into the fabric of the bedding. From
DermaTherapy® sheets that aid in the treatment
of eczema to Pristine® bedding that protects allergy
sufferers from dust mites — we even make a bedding
fabric for the relief of uncomfortable night sweats
experienced by women who suffer from menopause.
Therapeutic Bedding offers rest, relief and a
good night’s sleep to those who need it most.

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