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Acoustic Fabrics

You may have heard of us... Nexus Precision Acoustic Facing

Precision Fabrics has developed a series of tuned acoustic facing materials that offer acousticians improved ASTM 1050 absorption performance over homogenious acoustic insulation or equivalent absorption performance at lower weights, thicknesses,and cost.  

Nexus PAF's have been developed using a virtual prototype computer model. The model is proven to optimize end use acoustic system weight, cost and performance. Weight reductions in the 45% range and cost savings in the 5-15% range have been demonstrated. Adhesive application is available for both high temperature and low temperature environments.

Recent News:  PFG is pleased to announce Nexus BC765 and EB750-100B AFR fabrics both meet the latest (Dec. 2018) GM WORLDWIDE ENGINEERING STANDARD for Non-Woven Scrim or Facing Materials, GMW16522.  In addition to all of the other performance requirements, BC765 and EB750-100B both meet the new section 3.3.6 Airflow Resistance (ISO 9053): Required for Types (III a and III b) Materials with a 750 rayls AFR +/-150 rayls after molding.
These materials are commonly used in underhood or engine bay applications.”

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