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Peel Ply Fabrics

Experience the power of Peel Ply

You could argue that it’s our customers who are responsible for the power of peel ply. After all, we manufacture the fabric to meet their strict specifications in highly technical industries. PFG maintains controlled processes for all peel ply products through each manufacturing step and is the only fully-integrated supplier of peel ply products. No matter what the end-use, we’re your source.

PFG Brand Peel Ply Products

Nylon                     Polyester    

Code 51789          Code 60001

Code 52008          Code 60002

Code 41661          Code 60004

Code 40000          Code 60005

Finishes Available

Super Release Blue 
International Orange
GFR Non-silicone Release


PFG Value Ply Products

Nylon           Polyester    

VP-200         VP-100

VP-201         VP-102

VP-204         VP-103


VLP - Very Low Porosity 
Super Release Green 
Super Release Lavender


PeelPly Fabrics are used in

Aerospace​ Industry
Wind energy Industry
Marine Industry

For more info

Call 1-888-PEEL-PLY (733-5759)

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