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Therapeutic Bedding

Who knew you could find relief with your eyes closed?

Surprisingly, one of the most effective ways to treat irritating skin conditions or allergies isn’t a cream, ointment or pill.  It instead comes in the form of Therapeutic Bedding — an innovative family of bedding products that offers lasting relief to those who suffer from a myriad of conditions.  The secret to this effective form of treatment is the result of multiple preventative features designed into the fabric.   Our DermaTherapy® sheets aid in the treatment of bed sores and eczema. Our Pristine® bedding protects allergy sufferers from dust mites.  We even make a bedding fabric for the relief of uncomfortable night sweats experienced by women experiencing menopause. Our Therapeutic Bedding products offer rest, relief and a good night’s sleep to those who need it most.

Pristine®: The toughest barrier with the softest touch. When we developed Pristine®, our aim was to solve a specific problem for consumers who were in search of a practical solution.  This advanced line of allergen bedding creates an impenetrable barrier between allergy sufferers and the irritants that get in the way of restful sleep. And, unlike other barrier fabrics, Pristine® is soft, breathable, and strong enough to withstand repeated washings. It's a fabric technology so effective, Pristine® was awarded the only patents in its category.

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Finally, rest and relief for the sufferers of skin conditions. DermaTherapy® is the only line of bedding created specifically for individuals who suffer from skin conditions. DermaTherapy® sheets are comprised of uniquely structured fibers to effectively wick moisture away from the surface of the sheet. This new development in fabric science results in a cleaner, drier and smoother sleeping surface. And for those who suffer from skin conditions — the difference is truly remarkable and therapeutic.

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