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Before we were innovators,
we were pioneers.

If nylon was invented on a Monday, we began weaving
it on Tuesday. Nobody in the industry has more
experience with the material than Precision Fabrics.
It should come as no surprise then that we have a
reputation for superior design and a habit of always
introducing new and innovative fabrics to market. PFG
offers a broad range of light and heavy-weight nylon and
polyester (30 - 1200 denier) greige woven products for
such uses as performance and ECWCS outerwear,
parachutes, sail-cloth, industrial coating substrates,
inflatables, military and hospitality textiles. In addition
to greige goods, we also specialize in high-tech
chemical finishing such as anti-microbial, fire-retardant,
optical brightener, bond release, moisture repellent, moisture
absorption, scouring, and heat setting.

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