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Industrial Fabrics

Custom-engineered solutions for your biggest challenges

Precision Fabrics uses sophisticated weaving technologies and unique finishing chemistries to create performance fabrics that meet the stringent requirements of today’s high-tech markets.  We specialize in custom-designed fabric constructions for coating and laminating substrates, process and cure liners, and other demanding industrial applications.  Physical properties control and consistency are the hallmarks of these products.  Fabric constructions can be custom-engineered to solve your process and product challenges. 


Options available:

  • Yarn Types: Polyester, Nylon, Polypropylene, UHMW Polyethylene, Vectran®, others

  • Yarn Denier:  30d - 2520d

  • Fabric Weights:  1 oz/yd² – 18 oz/yd²

  • Widths:  Up to 130 in.  Custom slit-widths from 0.5 in – 80 in. with heat-sealed edge.

  • Finishes: Scoured/Heat-set, Calendering, Aqueous Finishes including Acrylics, Siloxane, Fluorocarbon.  Polyester and nylon dyeing with custom shade-matching capability.

Industrial Fabrics are used in

Aircraft Escape Slides​

Life Vests

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