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Greige Fabrics

The performance of any fabric is as strong as its greige components

Just as a building structure requires a solid, well-designed foundation, a technical fabric’s performance is dependent upon its raw materials and greige components. PFG has a long-lived reputation for superior design and top-quality production of new and innovative greige fabrics that meet widely diverse end-use applications.    

In designing fabrics to best fit customer requirements, we have great flexibility in both yarn materials and weave patterns. We are able to weave a broad range of light-weight (30 denier) to heavy-weight (2500 denier) synthetic fibers including, but not limited to: nylon, polyester, spun polyester, and aramid yarns.  Our weaving capabilities include:  complex dobby patterns, ripstop, plain taffetas and even multi-layer fabrics.   Fabric widths can range from 50” to 156".

Greige Fabrics are used in

Military Gear​
Physical Fitness Apparel
Sails & Spinnakers 
Flags & Printed Banners
Active/Outdoor Apparel

For more info

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