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Mattress Construction

Building protection from the foundation up

PFG has answered the call for affordable, reliable and safe solutions to open flame protection. Our SoftGUARD® Flame Resistant Barrier Technologies line includes FR filler cloth designed to provide a wide range of protection for even the most demanding "non-flip" mattresses. Ours is completely reversible, eliminating assembly errors and providing uniform protection not available from coated, one-sided products.  They provide all of the aesthetics, strength, and non-skid properties associated with traditional non-FR filler cloths.  Other SoftGUARD® FR materials include gusset backing for high challenge pillow top and box top designs, as well as FR quilt backer, which reduces the risk of non-compliance due to highloft barrier-weight variability.

Benefits of SoftGUARD® FR Filler Cloth
•    Superior flame-blocking capability
•    Allows seamless integration into current sewing & assembly operations
•    Contains no fiberglass or other brittle fibers that can break down with use
•    Exhibits exceptional char strength
•    Soft, supple hand – ease of sewing
•    Mattresses properly constructed with SoftGUARD® FR Filler Cloth pass TB 603 and 16CFR1633

Mattress Fabrics are used in

Mattress construction

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