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Medical Fabrics

We’ve got you protected in the medical arena

In the medical arena, innovation is everything.  Since our inception, PFG has become the leading innovator of value-added nonwoven fabrics for global single-use medical markets. We use advanced finishing, laminating and coating technologies to provide a wide array of nonwovens specifically designed to meet stringent domestic and international medical product standards such as AAMI PB70 and EN13795.  These fabrics are marketed under the EssentiA® brand name.   Visit to learn more about our Essentia towels.

Our nonwoven medical fabrics are used to create a broad variety of technical products used throughout the entire healthcare market.

Medical Fabrics are used in

Surgeon & Isolation Gowns
Surgical Drapes, Masks
Wound Dressings, Tapes
Patient & Staff Apparel
Anti-microbial Pillow Covers
Low Lint Towels

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