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Medical Fabrics

Single Use Nonwoven Fabrics Designed for Use Throughout the Healthcare Market

Nonwoven Medical Fabrics are used in

In the medical arena, innovation and multi-functional design are everything.  Our nonwoven medical fabrics are used to create a broad variety of technical products used throughout the entire healthcare marketspace. 


PFG’s advanced finishing, laminating and coating technologies deliver nonwovens and composites specifically designed to meet stringent medical product standards such as AAMI PB70 and EN13795.  These fabrics are marketed under the EssentiA® brand name. 


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Surgeon & Isolation Gowns

Surgical Drapes 


Wound Dressings


Patient & Staff Apparel

Anti-microbial Pillow Covers

Low Lint Towels

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Woven Reusable Healthcare Fabrics and PPE

PFG has set the standard for reusable, woven protective fabrics, designed and manufactured in the USA since 1988. Precision Protection fabrics are engineered and tested to meet and exceed AAMI/ANSI PB 70 standards for levels 1-3.


•Lightweight & Comfortable

•Static Control

•Antimicrobial To Reduce Bioburden

•Barrier To Environmental Contamination


•Fluid Repellent Hydrostatic Barrier

•Durable To Industrial Use And Launderings

PFG is connected to reliable, USA-based fabricators that are building high-quality isolation gowns and PPE. We have collaborated to design long-lasting, premium protective wear. PFG is weaving  our protective fabrics in Vinton, VA and then finishing them in Greensboro, NC. This is a simplified supply chain, assuring that you and your team will be prepared and highly protected!

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Woven Medical Protective Fabrics are used in

Isolation Gowns

Surgical Gowns





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