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Protective Apparel Fabrics

Nonwoven disposable industrial fabrics and laminates 

PFG offers a full line of engineered fabrics and laminates for the disposable protective apparel market.  These fabrics and laminates are sold under the "SoftGuard" brand.

Garments made from our SoftGuard fabrics are designed to be water repellent and flame retardant.  These garments are used in dirty industrial settings, protecting workers and their expensive primary fire suits. Once a job is complete, dirty SoftGuard garments are disposed.

Garments made from our SoftGuard laminates are designed to be flame retardant as well as protect against industrial chemical insults.  Also worn over a primary fire suit, these garments are designed to protect workers, giving them time to exit a hazardous area and shed the SoftGuard garment before chemicals penetrate the primary fire suit.

Nonwoven Protective Fabrics are used in

Industrial Manufacturing

Chemical Production


Power Plants

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Woven protective fabrics that set the standard for clean room apparel

You’d need a microscope to see the particles that garments made from our fabrics block. The consequences of not protecting yourself or the work environment, however, are far more apparent.


In industrial cleanrooms, protective apparel is integral to ensuring that your products and employees are free from contamination.

​We provide engineered fabrics with ESD properties, antimicrobial properties, high filtration efficiency and comfort that meet the critical requirements of all classes of cleanrooms and set the standard for cleanroom apparel.

Woven Protective Fabrics are used in

Clean room apparel

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