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Wipe Fabrics

Providing custom fabrics to wipe manufacturers

As a valued-added resource for the wipes industry, PFG brings unique performance characteristics to base nonwoven webs.  We are strategically positioned to work with nonwoven roll goods manufacturers, converters and end-users to fill a void in delivering specialty performance requirements across a wide range of end-use markets.

We add performance properties to nonwoven fabrics that allow them to be used dry, wet, or presaturated.  Silicone-free finishes are also available. 

Other properties we can provide

  • Abrasive coatings

  • Dot coatings

  • Dyed Colors

  • Chemical applications

  • Enhanced absorbency

  • Liquid barrier laminates  & coatings

  • Low lint applications

  • Surfactant coating

  • Tack coating

  • Two-sided structures
  • Wet-activated products

Wipe Fabrics are used in

Household Cleaning Wipes
Industrial Cleaning Wipes
Aerospace Cleaning Wipes
Clean Room Wipes
Facial Wipes

For more info

Call 800.284.8001 x8034

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